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The 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Shanghai PTL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held
  • Release date 2019-04-22

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  • Announcer:PTL

On April 2, 2019, the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Shanghai PTL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the conference hall of Novotel Shanghai Hotel. Mr. Han Zhongwei, secretary of the board of directors and chief financial officer, Mr. Wang Huaifang and Mr. Yuan Bin, independent directors, all attended the shareholders' meeting. 


 (All members of the company's board of directors and the heads of major subsidiaries attended the meeting) 

The shareholders' meeting was convened and presided over by Mr. Liang Feng, chairman of PTL. Review and summary, and look forward to the company's 2019 business planning and development deployment: "In 2019, the company will continue to grasp the opportunities of industrial development, expand the key technical personnel team, pay more attention to the development of products and process technologies, and build an advanced manufacturing The intelligent manufacturing production base with the ability to effectively expand production capacity, properly carry out the extension and integration of the industrial chain, further enhance industrial agglomeration and synergistic benefits, comprehensively improve comprehensive competitiveness and market share, and create greater value for shareholders and society.”

At the same time, in order to further effectively alleviate the bottleneck of production capacity and plan the future development layout of the company, it plans to issue convertible corporate bonds with a total amount of no more than RMB 870 million to invest in the "production base construction project of functional coating diaphragm for high-safety lithium-ion batteries" " and "Annual production of 30,000 tons of high-performance lithium-ion battery anode materials (main processes such as carbonization) project" and related matters related to replenishment of working capital are submitted to the general meeting of shareholders for resolution. 


(Participating investors and institutional guests)

Witnessed by the participating investors, lawyers and investment research institutions, the general meeting of shareholders reviewed and approved the "2018 Annual Board of Directors Work Report", "2018 Annual Report" and "2018 Annual Report Summary", "2018 Annual Profit A total of 15 proposals, including the Proposal on the Allocation Plan", the "Proposal on the Proposal on the Company's Public Issuance of Convertible Corporate Bonds", etc., were finally unanimously approved, and the meeting was successfully held.

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